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Case Study

Super-Pharm Monitors Its Extensive Network and Controls Third-Party Activity with Ekran System






Super-Pharm is one of the largest pharmacy retail chains in Israel. It has more than 280 stores all across Israel and branches abroad. Super-Pharm also operates as an online store, where customers can order health and beauty products. Super-Pharm has more than 10,000 employees and works with multiple subcontractors to support its operations and supply chain.

Customer’s requests

  • Effectively manage the whole network and quickly detect errors
  • Investigate bugs and errors by analyzing session records
  • Secure third-party access to the customer’s system
  • Reduce the risk of third-party insider threats

Ekran System provides the widest set of tools in terms
of monitoring, recording, identity management,
access control, alerts on unusual activities,
two-factor authentication and more. The platform is
also unique in its ability to withstand the large loads
and record activities at all checkout points in our
branch offices.

Nir Ben Zion

IT & Cloud Director, Super-Pharm

The challenge

As a leading pharmacy chain with hundreds of retail locations and thousands of checkout terminals, Super-Pharm needed to monitor the whole network and ensure that every pharmacy functions properly. To do this, they wanted a lightweight solution that would record every checkout point session in video format in order to detect bugs and perform troubleshooting. They also wanted to investigate security incidents and system errors to quickly solve problems that may arise.

Additionally, Super-Pharm faced the challenge of how to monitor third-party activities within its pharmacies’ IT network and critical systems. The client needed a comprehensive solution to control and manage access of subcontractors to drugstores’ IT system and sensitive data. The company wanted to monitor what each third-party user does and immediately block any suspicious activity.

After evaluating numerous solutions, the customer chose Ekran System.

The result

Using Ekran System’s rich set of features, Super-Pharm achieved:

  • Management of all checkout points within hundreds of retail pharmacies, with monitoring in real time and via recordings
  • Immediate detection of errors, allowing security officers to take proactive measures so as not to affect the operation of the whole network
  • Ability to record and store lots of checkout sessions for detailed investigation in case of system errors
  • Smooth operation of all pharmacies, significantly contributing to the customer and user experience
  • Implementation of a zero trust architecture and prevention of unauthorized access
  • Third-party access management and monitoring
  • Real-time detection of security incidents and suspicious activity
  • Immediate session termination and blocking of any user who poses a threat to the system

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