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Case Study

US-Based Defense Organization Enhances Insider Threat Protection with Ekran System






As a military entity that protects strategic objects, our customer has to securely handle large amounts of sensitive data and comply with strict cybersecurity requirements.

This US-based defense organization works with government secrets and sensitive data on employees and service members. Therefore, it’s essential for them to secure data from various types of insider threats including sabotage, theft, fraud, espionage, and unintentional actions.

Customer’s requests

  • Monitor employee activity
  • Reduce the risk of insider threats
  • Speed up cybersecurity incident investigations
  • Seamlessly integrate into the existing workflow
  • Ensure compliance with cybersecurity requirements

The Ekran System team was always there for me for any questions I had and was able to resolve issues during deployment. The support provided by the company is by far the best for any software I have ever encountered.

System Administrator at the Defense Organization

The challenge

In place of an inefficient and expensive system comprising several tools and applications, our customer wanted to establish a robust insider threat monitoring and prevention routine using a single solution. Their main goal was to track and monitor all access to sensitive information and gather a visually structured evidence trail to speed up the detection and investigation of incidents.

Additional requirements included seamlessly integrating the selected solution with the existing network, achieving close to zero influence on employees’ workflows, and adding alert customization capabilities.

After analyzing various options on the market, they chose Ekran System.

The result

Deploying Ekran System enabled our customer to:

  • Get full visibility of user actions 
  • Ensure efficient insider threat prevention and mitigation 
  • Reduce investigation time and get complete evidence trail
  • Avoid negative effects on network performance and employees’ workflows 
  • Meet compliance requirements

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