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Case Study

A US-based Financial Services Company Effectively Monitors and Audits Privileged Users with Ekran System


Financial services



Must comply with



Pending issue

Monitor privileged user activity on Windows and Linux jump servers with a single tool.

The customer

US-based Financial Services Company

Customer’s requests

  • Monitor user activity on jump servers 
  • Gather user activity data for audits 
  • Get a monitoring solution that could support both Windows and Linux operating systems 
  • Offline updates

Ekran System was the only solution that allowed us to monitor servers running different OSs and install critical updates offline. Getting the same monitoring functionality for a reasonable price was an unexpected benefit of this cooperation.

The challenge

As a financial organization, our customer constantly works with financial records, cardholder data, personal information of end customers, and other highly sensitive data. They must secure this data and monitor its use as well as comply with multiple cybersecurity requirements including PCI DSS, SWIFT CSP, and NIST 800-53. 

To enhance information security, the customer stores most of their critical data in private data centers. Access to this data is provided only to privileged users (both remote workers and third parties) and can only be obtained by connecting to protected jump servers via a VPN. 

Our customer required a monitoring solution that could monitor user activity on jump servers, gather user activity data for audits, support Windows and Linux operating systems, as well as allow for offline updates.

Previously, the customer used a different popular insider threat management solution, but that product didn’t fully meet their requirements. In particular, the customer wanted to monitor both Windows and Linux servers with a single tool. They also preferred updating the monitoring software offline to minimize the risk of data compromise. 

After considering several alternative solutions, the customer decided to deploy Ekran System.

The result

Deploying Ekran System allowed our client to address each of their key requests and achieve the following results:

  • A full and clear picture of each user’s actions 
  • Compliance with cybersecurity requirements 
  • Retrospective analysis of cybersecurity events 
  • All servers are monitored with one solution 
  • Enhanced protection of critical data 
  • Seamless integration into the established workflow

Additionally, our customer enhanced their data security by leveraging Ekran System’s USB device management functionality. Now, they can monitor and control all connected devices and set rules for blocking the connection of prohibited device types.

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