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How to Manage Insider Risks in Manufacturing: Key Cybersecurity Insights and Protection Measures

The IBM Security X-Force Threat Intelligence Index 2023 claims that manufacturing was the most attacked industry in 2022. One of the most significant risks comes from insiders, so our eBook is aimed to help you:

  • Secure intellectual property from malicious insiders
  • Prevent operational disruptions at all levels
  • Manage third-party access and get full visibility on their actions within your network
  • Implement effective insider risk management and compliance best practices
  • Learn from experience of other manufacturing companies based on their real-life insider incident cases

This ebook is aimed to help your organization secure intellectual property, prevent operational disruptions, and manage third-party cybersecurity risks.

eBook table of contents

  • What are the specifics of cybersecurity in manufacturing?
  • What threats are there to manufacturing organizations?
  • Why is it necessary for manufacturers to manage insider threats?
  • 5 real-life insider incident cases in manufacturing
  • 7 insider risk management practices for the manufacturing industry
    • Identify your organization’s key assets
    • Regularly assess the risks
    • Manage your employees’ and third parties’ access rights
    • Implement insider threat detection software
    • Plan your incident response and investigation
    • Prepare for incident investigation
    • Raise your employees’ insider threat awareness
  • Manage insider risks in manufacturing with Ekran System
  • Case study: Ginegar Secures Third-Party Access and User Activity with Ekran System