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Ultimate Guide to NIS2 Compliance

Stay ahead of the ever-changing landscape of compliance standards, especially in the face of escalating cyber threats and the recent updates to the EU’s NIS Directive. Empower your journey towards NIS2 compliance with our in-depth eBook, meticulously crafted to simplify the complexities and equipped with actionable best practices. This guide will help you to:

  • Comply with NIS2 Requirements
  • Secure your sensitive data
  • Enhance your supply chain security
  • Avoid fines and lawsuits
  • Ensure prompt incident response
  • Manage insider threats

If your organization is an essential or important entity, as defined by the Directive, this guide will help you  to bridge any gaps between the current state of your cybersecurity and the NIS2 requirements.

eBook table of contents

  • Overview of the NIS2 Directive 
  • Getting ready for NIS2 compliance 
  • Tips for implementing the NIS2 requirements
    • Requirement 1 | Risk analysis and information system security 
    • Requirement 2 | Incident handling and reporting 
    • Requirement 3 | Business continuity and crisis management 
    • Requirement 4 | Supply chain security
    • Requirement 5 | Security in systems acquisition, development, and maintenance 
    • Requirement 6 | Assessment of the effectiveness of cybersecurity measures 
    • Requirement 7 | Basic cyber hygiene practices and cybersecurity training
    • Requirement 8 | The use of cryptography and encryption
    • Requirement 9 | Human resources security, access control, and asset management
    • Requirement 10 | Use of multi-factor authentication or continuous authentication
  • Achieving NIS2 compliance with Ekran System 
  • Mapping NIS2 requirements to Ekran System functionality
  • Case studies | Ensuring compliance and managing insider risks with Ekran System