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White Paper

A Roadmap to Achieving and Sustaining DORA Compliance

10 Steps to Building Digital Operational Resilience

Establishing compliance with DORA may seem burdensome and overwhelming if you need to revise established processes and introduce new policies and procedures. 

Our whitepaper briefly covers essential information about this regulation and key processes to help you understand what you need to prepare for, and we propose a ten-step plan to help you gradually meet the requirements of DORA.

Read this paper to discover the following:

  • Everything you need to know about DORA and operational resilience
  • Why it’s beneficial to comply with DORA and what the consequences of non-compliance are
  • 10 steps to meet DORA compliance in the smoothest way possible
  • How Ekran System can help you meet the requirements of DORA
  • Case studies showcasing various financial entities meeting compliance requirements with Ekran System