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Acquire expert guidance from Jonathan Care, a top-rated ex-Gartner cybersecurity analyst, on constructing a robust and operationally efficient insider threat program.

Read this paper to discover the following:

  • Ready-to-be-used worksheets for building an insider threat program, tracking KPIs and scoring their effectiveness, measuring risk appetite and tolerance, and tracking standards and compliance
  • Insider Risk vs Insider Threat challenges
  • A Taxonomy of Insider Risks – what to watch out for, where and when?
  • The business value of the RACI Matrix in insider risk management and how to use it for structuring roles and procedures
  • Stages, cycles and tools of a successful insider risk program
  • How to measure the effectiveness of an insider risk management program
  • Download the guide now to equip your team with the knowledge and tools needed to establish a comprehensive defense against insider threats and effectively protect your critical assets.

About the author

With a distinguished career as a top-rated Gartner analyst, Jonathan Care has been at the forefront of defining the fraud market and leading Gartner’s Insider Threat and Risk research. He holds several industry accolades and certifications, including Certified Fraud Examiner, PCI DSS Qualified Forensic Investigator, PCI DSS Qualified Security Assessor, PCI Payment Applications Qualified Security Assessor, U.K. Government Accredited Penetration Tester, and U.K. Government Listed Security Advisor​.

Having advised cybersecurity leaders worldwide and testified as an expert witness and forensic investigator in courts, Jonathan shares unparalleled expertise in “A Modern Guide to Running an Effective Insider Threat Program.” Download the guide now to tap into his extensive industry experience and fortify your organization against internal risks.