Affordable user monitoring

for enhanced cyber security

Privileged user audit

Ekran System records all user sessions, including
privileged ones.

Application user surveillance

Monitor and detect all user activity with targeted applications. See exactly who is using what applications and for how long.

Subcontractor control

Monitor third-party IT service providers and contractors as they work in your systems.

for your business

Regulatory compliance

Gain complete visibility into your IT infrastructure while adhering to industry regulations including but not limited to:









Prevent insider threat

Improve your business process security and sensitive data protection by auditing access to insider information and uncovering misuse and fraud attempts.

Roll back system changes

Identify and resolve IT infrastructure problems as they happen. Ekran System will tell you exactly what actions were performed so you may roll back changes if necessary.

Track applications usage

Monitor how your employees and third-party contractors use certain applications. Ensure network and data security and help third-party vendors identify product issues and defects by sharing full video logs of user activity and errors.

better affordability

Flexible licensing scheme -

affordable client licenses


Floating licensing

Transfer licenses between end-points in just a couple clicks
Optionally use commercial or

Free embedded database