Affordable user monitoring

for enhanced cyber security

Privileged user audit

Ekran System not only records all privileged user sessions, but also provides several in-built access management tools.

Employee monitoring

From industry requirements to insider threat protection to compromised account detection and activity logging.

Subcontractor control

With terminal, infrastructure and jump box server monitoring, you can control all third-parties working with your systems.

for your business

Regulatory compliance

Gain complete visibility into your IT infrastructure while adhering to industry regulations including but not limited to:









Insider threat program

Build an efficient insider threat program logging multistep configuration changes, auditing access to sensitive information, uncovering misuse and fraud attempts.

Security incident investigation

Ekran System is a perfect solution for your security investigation giving you incomparable internal visibility, all action context, and powerful search tools.

Application user surveillance

Set up target applications and monitor users working with them. Ensure security and get full video logs of user activity and errors.

better solution


Flexible licensing models

and per-endpoint pricing fitting any deployment size

Floating licensing

allows to transfer licenses between endpoints in just a couple clicks

Effortless maintenance

and a set of integration options with SIEM and ticket systems