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Insights at Your Fingertips: Ekran System’s Dashboards Update


Our team is constantly working on improving the experience for our customers and their end users. We are happy to announce that Ekran System has updated its Management Tool dashboards to make them even more well-structured and user-friendly. Read this five-minute post to discover our new dashboards.

Helpful data at a glance

The upgraded Ekran System dashboards provide you with a more intuitive experience, visualized data for vital insights, and optimization of management processes.

Now, Ekran System dashboards allow you to:

  • Focus on the most important data
  • Get real-time insights in a matter of seconds
  • Personalize insights via dashboard customization settings
  • Manage insider risks from a single page

Ekran System dashboards overview

Ekran System’s dynamic dashboards allow your security officers to concentrate on what’s most relevant right now by displaying recent alerts, active user sessions, endpoint states, and system health. Most importantly, all of this data is available on the Home page, ensuring that no critical issue goes unnoticed.

Without further ado, let’s take a quick look at the dashboards and their functions.

User activity monitoring dashboards

User activity monitoring dashboards display information on recent actions of your organization’s users:

Recent Alerts — Information on alerts triggered within a specific time period. Colors represent risk levels, from blue (normal) to orange (high) to red (critical).

Latest Live Sessions A list of sessions that are currently live.

Sessions Outside of Work Hours — Statistics on sessions taking place outside of working hours for a defined period.

Screenshot - User activity monitoring dashboards

Client and license management dashboards

These dashboards display relevant information on licenses and monitored endpoints and allow you to manage certain processes:

Clients — Statistics on the number of endpoints that are currently online, offline, and disconnected.

Licenses — Statistics on the numbers of assigned and free licenses, as well as unlicensed endpoints.

Rarely Used Computers — Statistics on endpoints that have the fewest sessions for the defined period.

Rarely Used Logins — Statistics on users that have the fewest logins for the defined period.

Screenshot - Client and license management dashboards

Health monitoring dashboards

Health monitoring dashboards help you to track the system’s state:

Storage Usage — Statistics on how much storage space Ekran System uses.

Database State — Information on how many records are added to Ekran System’s database per minute.

CPU Usage — The percentage of CPU usage by the EkranServer process.

Memory Usage — Memory usage by the EkranServer process in megabytes.

Screenshot - Health monitoring dashboards

Ekran System’s dashboards are customizable, meaning that you can change their appearance, size, order, and contents. Most dashboards are also interactive, so you can click certain elements to view more details, open user sessions, and manage processes.

Why Ekran System?

Ekran System is a full-cycle universal insider risk management platform that allows you to implement a holistic approach to managing human-related risks:

  • Monitor user activity to increase visibility and promptly detect insider threats
  • Manage access to granularly control authorization procedures and reduce the exposure of sensitive assets
  • Respond to incidents to take immediate action to prevent a breach or mitigate potential damage
Image - Why Ekran System

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