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Employee Monitoring

Enhancing Employee Monitoring with Ekran System’s Brand-New Dashboards


Effective employee monitoring is essential for maintaining productivity and security, especially in heavily regulated industries like finance, government, and healthcare. That’s why at Ekran System we are continuously working to enhance our product’s monitoring functionality.

Now Ekran System is introducing new informative and user-friendly dashboards that will help you streamline your insider threat prevention and productivity management efforts. By getting valuable insights into user actions, you can form an effective strategy to enhance operational efficiency and uphold relevant security standards.

About Ekran System’s new dashboards

The new dashboards provide real-time visibility into employee activity, fostering informed decision-making for proactive risk management and productivity improvement. 

With Ekran System’s interactive dashboards, you get the following reports presented in a graphic and easy-to-understand manner:

  • Total active time vs. idle time 
  • Top applications used
  • Top websites used
  • User productivity report.

All these reports can be customized according to your specific needs. 

Total active and idle time dashboard

By distinguishing between active and idle time, you can identify inefficient work patterns and find potential areas for productivity enhancement. Use this information to streamline business operations, allocate resources effectively, and improve productivity overall.

Total active time vs idle time

Ekran System starts clocking idle time if a user or a specific group of users is inactive for more than 15 minutes. Total active time for each user is calculated as total session time excluding total idle time.

Generate reports from the last 7 days by default, or set the filter to report on longer or shorter periods:

  • between 1 and 365 days
  • between 1 and 52 weeks
  • between 1 and 100 hours. 

You can also get detailed reports on specific users or groups to compare performance between peer teams. 

Top applications and websites used

Ekran System also enables you to get insights into the applications and websites your employees use, as well as the time devoted to them.

By tracking app and website use, you can get information on how your employees spend their time during work hours. This can help you identify distractions that may be hindering workflows. Based on these findings, you can optimize processes and resource allocation to enhance the overall productivity of your teams.

Monitoring visited websites and applications can also help you detect unauthorized or potentially harmful activities, such as accessing prohibited websites or downloading malicious software. In addition, you can check whether your employees follow information security policies on the use of technology resources. 

Ekran System offers the following dashboards: Top applications used and Top websites used

Top applications used and top websites used

Filter the information by number of weeks (1-52), days (1-365), or hours (1-100).

User productivity report

Ekran System offers an easy-to-understand user productivity dashboard. Productivity metrics are displayed in an intuitive chart, allowing you to quickly interpret and analyze the information.

User productivity report

Filter the information you want to see in the report by date range, user(s), or user group(s). Colored tiles correspond to high vs. low user activity — calculated as a percentage — for each hour of each session, giving you at-a-glance insights into individual and team productivity.


As a comprehensive employee monitoring software solution, Ekran System allows you to both keep an eye on suspicious activity and generate informative productivity reports. By leveraging Ekran System’s intuitive dashboards, you can easily analyze user performance and ensure compliance with information security policies and industry regulations

Why waste time sifting through user sessions and activity logs yourself when you can let your insider risk management software do the work for you? Mitigate insider risks and threats while improving your overall operating efficiency with Ekran System’s new interactive monitoring dashboards. Request a free demo today.



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