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Meet Ekran System at the Luxembourg Internet Days


Ekran System announces its participation in the Luxembourg Internet Days. The event will take place in the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce, November 7–8, 2023.

The Luxembourg Internet Days will convene over a thousand IT, OT, and ICT professionals. This year’s topic is Network Security & Resilience” in response to the growing number of cyber attacks over the past few years.

No company, from any size and from any sector of activity, can claim to be safe from cyber-attacks, so we have chosen to give a special attention to Critical Infrastructures and Industry as sources of inspiration for the other sectors, to help them keep performing with ever more connected solutions leading to increasing security challenges.

The Luxembourg Internet Days 

About the Luxembourg Internet Days event

For the 10th year in a row, the Luxembourg Internet Days event connects professionals from the Greater Region and beyond to address current IT security trends, developments, and challenges. This year, the attendees include IT, ICT, and OT decision-makers from numerous sectors, including finance, healthcare, critical infrastructure, telecommunications, and more. 

This year’s topic is “Network Security & Resilience”. Visitors will have a valuable opportunity to get expertise on:

  • The challenges posed by the rise of shadow IT
  • Ways to protect your endpoints, cloud services, and employee identities
  • The most effective methods to improve your security posture
  • How to detect, protect, and respond in case of security incidents
  • Strategies for securing your critical data
  • Steps to take to meet applicable IT security requirements

During the event, visitors can attend different conferences, business case presentations, networking sessions, round tables, and an expo. 

What Ekran System has to offer

Ekran System is a full-cycle insider risk management (IRM) platform that addresses the above-mentioned security challenges. 

Mitigating insider risks isn’t just a security measure; it’s a strategic imperative for the modern business world. Every organization, big or small, should consider insider threat protection as a foundational element of their security posture.

Oleg Shomonko, CEO of Ekran System

Ekran System helps companies to detect, deter, and disrupt insider threats. The platform equally monitors generic and privileged user accounts, guaranteeing that even privileged IT personnel won’t be able to cover their tracks.

With Ekran System, you can:

Ekran System allows you to monitor various types of endpoints and caters to organizations of any size. We partner with companies from all across the globe. 

Recognition of Experts

Meet us in person

During the Luxembourg Internet Days event, you’ll have the opportunity to speak in person with Yevhen Zhurer, Ekran System’s Head of Business Development. Yevhen is eager to tell you more about the capabilities of our IRM platform, share his cybersecurity insights, and answer your questions regarding insider risks. 

To learn more about the latest insider risk management practices, visit our blog.



See how Ekran System can enhance your data protection from insider risks.