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August 28, 2015

For the last several years, there have been headlines about data breaches that are devastating consumer and corporations. The IRS, Target, state medical systems, higher education, and military data bases. Nation state spies are intent on stealing vital information, plus pranksters and hackers are looking for attention or cyber criminals are out to make millions. There, there are plenty of people trying to break into networks and databases and steal information.


Data hackers’ motivations are diverse. Hackers are looking to make money and go after the low hanging fruit or...

May 12, 2015

Server security is vital to a corporation. Servers hold great amounts of data and vital information for an organization.  If a server is compromised by a system server administrator, all the data and contents may become lost, stolen or manipulated.


Systems administrators are the employees responsible for making computers work. They handle uninterrupted operation of computers to take care of the business’s needs. Systems administrators are also charged with taking care of the company’s vital data and information. They normally have the passwords to get into any part...

March 06, 2015

When a company has experienced a data breach, there are several factors that contribute to how a company reports and investigates that breach. Data breaches will happen. No company has the perfect security system, and there are circumstances of every data breach that are unique, and require special handling.


A well-thought out response plan is one of the most critical parts to a company’s ability to navigate through the disaster of a data breach. Incidence response teams need to guide an organization through every phase of responding to the breach. This team should...