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October 07, 2020

Insurance companies are desirable targets for cyber attackers because they work with sensitive data. To ensure the safety of customers’ personal information, insurance companies have to follow strict data protection requirements. These requirements oblige companies to implement the best cybersecurity practices or face considerable fines for non-compliance.


In this article, we discuss data protection compliance for insurance companies and how to safeguard customer data.


Types of data insurers work with



September 28, 2020

Lawyers constantly handle sensitive data that attracts hackers and malicious insiders. Every security breach leads to reputational losses, remediation costs, and penalties. That’s why cybersecurity at law firms is regulated by strict IT laws and requirements.


Complying with all necessary requirements and implementing protection measures that fit your organization is challenging. In this article, we overview the reasons for and types of security breaches in legal organizations and show you how to prevent them by implementing best practices for complying with IT...

September 11, 2020

Security incidents are often hard to detect and tend to go unnoticed for far too long. They’re also time-consuming to investigate, since gathering evidence and correlating facts may take months or even years. For instance, the graphic design website Canva became aware of the theft of user credentials for almost a million accounts only seven months after the actual incident. That’s why it’s better to put your effort into preventing incidents rather than handling their consequences.


The best way to avoid cybersecurity breaches is to know the most...

August 26, 2020

IT compliance requirements are designed to help companies enhance their cybersecurity and integrate top-level protection into their workflows. But passing an IT security audit can be challenging. Complex requirements, constant changes in standards and laws, and audit processes, and a high number of required security procedures are the key challenges of maintaining compliance.


The way out is with careful preparation and smart planning. By preparing ahead for an audit, you can enhance the security of your organization and achieve full compliance. Read this article to...

August 11, 2020

Education is a strictly regulated industry in which robust cybersecurity protection is a must. Data breaches can cost a fortune for schools and universities, since the loss of students’ personal information and other critical data brings reputational damage alongside fines for regulatory non-compliance.


In the US in 2019 there were 348 publicly disclosed K-12 school-related cybersecurity incidents — triple the number in 2018. In this article, we explain the importance of cybersecurity monitoring for educational institutions, explore the main laws and...