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Two-factor Authentication (2FA) Solutions

for Linux & Windows Workstations

The challenge

The days of closed IT perimeters are over. To ensure the smooth running and flexibility in complex business processes, organizations enable remote access to business-critical infrastructure endpoints, data, and applications for both their employees and third-party contractors.

With remote access, identity verification is especially important. The industry already has its gold standard: multi-factor authentication (MFA). Implementing MFA is an explicit requirement in virtually any security regulation and best practice.

The core idea of MFA is not to complicate the process of identity verification but to effectively engage various dimensions of a user’s identity. It’s important, though, to distinguish multi-factor authentication from multi-step authentication.

Using true multi-factor authentication, you can minimize the damage that can be done if attackers get hold of the credentials of your employees or subcontractors.

What is true MFA?

The idea behind MFA is to confirm a user’s identity by using at least two out of three factors: knowledge (something you know), possession (something you have), or inheritance (something you are). However, people tend to confuse true MFA with the use of additional authorization layers.

For example, if the first component of verification is a traditional username and password and the second component is a confirmation code sent via email, the authorization process still involves only one factor: knowledge of user credentials. To build a truly strong authentication process within your corporate network, you should deploy two-factor authentication software.

How does multi-factor authentication work?

The authentication process

Ekran System provides you with a two-factor authentication tool in an industry-recognized format that combines the following two factors:

  • Knowledge of user credentials
  • Possession of a verified mobile device

The possession factor is checked by sending a time-based one-time password to a verified mobile device owned by a particular user.

Supported authentication factors

Ekran System makes two-factor authentication easy and convenient. For Android and iPhone devices, we use either the Google Authenticator app and Microsoft Authenticator app. On the protected endpoint side, 2FA functionality is provided by the installed Ekran System authentication Client.

Compatible with Windows and Linux clients

Ekran System’s 2FA tool is universal and cross-platform. You can use our two-factor authentication solution for both Linux servers and Windows servers.

Install the appropriate Ekran System Client on the target server and multiply the protection of your critical data.

How to set up 2FA for Windows Servers using Ekran System

Learn how to set up Ekran System’s two-factor authentication on Windows servers and see how a 2FA solution works in our how-to video below.

Get two-factor authentication

Ekran System offers an enterprise-level two-factor authentication tool that you can use under any of our licenses. Secure access to your corporate network by implementing two-factor authentication for Windows servers and workstations. The Ekran System Client also supports Linux two-factor authentication.

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Two-factor authentication for your tasks

Two-factor authentication is a lifesaver that can help you secure the most critical assets in your corporate network.

Use our tool to protect:

Critical endpoints, such as Windows Server (RDP)

Privileged user logins

Third-party logins

Remote employee logins

Benefits of two-factor authentication

Ekran System’s 2-factor authentication solution is part of our evolving insider management platform targeted at enterprise clients.

Multi-factor authentication is a must for building a zero-trust security infrastructure. It’s also a great way to stop malicious insiders who contemplate borrowing a password from a colleague.

Data breaches are costly. Ekran System’s two-factor authentication solution is available in Standart and Enterprise editions. Implement our 2FA functionality to save money on expensive authentication tools and mitigate the risk of devastating data leaks.

Say No to burdensome solutions. Use Ekran System’s 2FA solution with comfort and ease. No expensive credential management tools, physical tokens, or SMS services are needed. A user’s mobile phone is enough.

Ekran System® MFA ensures compliance and provides you with strong authentication controls

Ekran System integrations

Ekran System employee tracking software seamlessly integrates with your infrastructure, including with leading SIEM and ticketing systems.

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