Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) Solutions

Free protection for your Windows servers

As a user action monitoring solution, Ekran System implemented two-factor authentication as a part of our growing selection of access management methods. Great news – this tool is now available to everybody, for free!


The schemes of accessing enterprise IT environment evolve and become more diverse to support complex business processes. Now, employees and third-party contractors can access critical infrastructure end-points, critical apps and protected data from their own devices, remotely from outside the protected perimeter.


Taking into account the security risks of credential exploitation, phishing, and other account compromise, the strong process of confirming user identity becomes crucial.


Multi-factor authentication solutions, and in particular two-factor authentication solutions, are an industry-recognized approach for building truly strong authentication process. The latter implements the combination of two factors to confirm user identity, typically knowledge (credentials) and possession of a specific device.

Insider session recording

Enterprise-level two factor authentication for your Windows servers is a part of Ekran System user monitoring solution, but even if you do not have our commercial license yet, you can use this tool activating our Free License.


Two-factor authentication for your tasks

Multi-factor authentication is a life-saver in a variety of situations. As a general rule of thumb, you should employ it to protect any login procedures inside your network.

Use our tool to:

  • Protect your critical end-points
  • Protect privilege user logins
  • Protect third party logins
  • Protect remote employee logins
  • Distinguish between users for monitoring purposes

How it works

Ekran System two-factor authentication for Windows is based on regular credentials and engages a user-owned device to get additional Time-based One Time Password (TOTP) to confirm user login.


Google Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator app is used on device while Ekran System Client installed on an end-point provides the functionality of authentication client.

Benefits of two-factor authentication

  • Enterprise-level tool – our 2-factor authentication solution was developed as a part of our standard user monitoring product, targeted at enterprise clients.
  • Increased security – up security of your endpoints and prevent any compromised accounts from logging into the system and accessing sensitive data.
  • Effective data theft prevention – two-factor authentication is a great deterrent to intruders and malicious insiders looking to borrow a password from a colleague.
  • Clearly identify each user – learn who initiated each user session and use it with your user monitoring data to discover incidents and conduct investigations.
  • Save costs – protect your data and save money by using our two-factor authentication solution for free.