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Connect with Ekran System at Swiss Cyber Security Days


We are excited to announce our participation in Swiss Cyber Security Days 2024, Switzerland’s premier cybersecurity dialogue and knowledge platform. The event will take place at Bernexpo Ag, February 20-21, 2024.

With the motto “Shaping Cyber Resilience” the event aims to unite leading international experts to share their expertise on current and future threats and provide insights into innovative solutions. 

“The enormous threat from cyberspace is a reflection of our weaknesses and the result of our failures. Education and awareness are part of the digital equation and key to success. Because cybersecurity is much more than an IT topic and can only be achieved through collaborative cooperation. This is where Swiss Cyber Security Days can offer a helping hand with building bridges and finding solutions.”

Doris Fiala, President of Swiss Cyber Security Days.

Why attend Swiss Cyber Security Days?

This year, Swiss Cyber Security Days (SCSD) brings together 120 exhibitors and 3000 visitors to participate in cybersecurity presentations, workshops, and panel discussions. Through informative dialogues, experts will provide effective solutions based on the current cybersecurity landscape and research studies.

Key reasons to attend SCSD include:

  • Become part of the best-known cybersecurity event in Switzerland.
  • Witness the impact of cybersecurity threats on the economy, society, and organizational security.  
  • Improve your expertise and competitiveness in the field of cybersecurity. 
  • Expand your network and engage with top cybersecurity experts, international leaders, and decision makers.
  • Take crucial steps to enhance your cybersecurity posture by connecting with cybersecurity providers.

Ekran System will be among the exhibitors to present a comprehensive insider risk management platform.

What to expect from Ekran System? 

Yevhen Zhurer, Ekran System’s Head of Business Development, and our partner Kris Kormany, CEO of Techway, will give an insightful presentation on mitigating insider threats. The speakers will share best practices for fostering a culture of insider threat awareness among top Swiss and global companies, government agencies, and non-profit organizations of all sizes and industries. You’ll get an opportunity to listen to us on February 21st from 16:30 to 16:45 at Best Practice Stage 2.

“In today’s business landscape, protecting your organization against insider threats is a necessity. With Ekran System, you can proactively deter insider risks, safeguard your critical assets, and easily pass cybersecurity audits, ensuring the security and integrity of your enterprise.”

Oleg Shomonko, CEO of Ekran System.

We’ll present our full-cycle insider risk management platform that can help you:

Deter insider risk. With user activity monitoring, you can get detailed insights into user actions and behavior. Ekran System alerts you about suspicious user activity, enabling you to respond promptly to insider threats and mitigate them effectively.

Protect your critical assets. Implement access controls and ensure that only authorized users can access your critical assets. Ekran System also allows you to track the actions of privileged users and prevent privilege abuse

Pass cybersecurity audits. Our platform provides comprehensive reporting capabilities, allowing you to generate detailed reports on user activity and other relevant metrics to prepare for cybersecurity audits. Ekran System’s session recording capabilities enable you to review captured user sessions to reconstruct the chain of events for forensic analysis and investigation.

Benefits of Ekran System

Don’t miss out 

Apart from gaining insights from our presentation, you can also participate in a prize drawing at the end of it. In addition, you’ll be able to meet our top experts in person to get individual consultations during the whole event. Besides our speakers, Anna Chernyavskaya, Ekran System’s Partner Manager, and Elena Gamasenko, Ekran System’s Chief Marketing Officer, will also be there to discuss a tailored solution for your business. 

If you cannot attend, you can still follow our latest cybersecurity insights in our blog and gain firsthand partner offerings on our partner portal.



See how Ekran System can enhance your data protection from insider risks.