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Comprehensive User Session Recording Software

Monitor insider activity. Detect anomalies. Respond to incidents. ALL-IN-ONE

  • Is easy to configure and use
  • Records as much data as possible

Benefit from thorough session recording

Using Ekran System as comprehensive sessions recording software, you can streamline most cybersecurity activities in your organization:

  • Review suspicious activity
  • Conduct internal and external audits
  • Collect evidence for forensic activities in case of a security incident

Furthermore, using Ekran System as software for recording user sessions is beneficial for the whole organization:

Key benefits of using Session Recording Software

Ensure compliance with IT-regulations

Get insights into employee performance

Be aware of user actions with sensitive data

Assess damage from security incidents

Record and review sessions in a couple of clicks

You’ll get context-rich recordings of all activity on a user’s screen, coupled with useful metadata:

  • Keystrokes and clipboard data
  • Executed commands and applications
  • Opened files and folders
  • Opened URLs
  • Attached USB devices
  • and more

Record sessions without interruptions

Tech-savvy users may try to disable or trick a user session recording solution if they need to do something against the rules. The Ekran System Client is protected from such tampering.

Our software works at the driver level, which makes it impossible for a user to kill the program. The Ekran System Client also has a built-in watchdog mechanism to prevent any meddling with the recording process.

Even if an endpoint loses its internet connection, Ekran System keeps recording user activity and saves data locally in a protected format. Upon the next connection, the software synchronizes data with the server.

Ekran System Session Recording

Can’t be stopped by a user

Works in offline mode

Store recorded data conveniently

Many session recording solutions store their data in the form of plain screenshots or videos that take up too much space. In contrast, Ekran System employs a data compression algorithm to compose a lightweight recording database.

Our solution creates a master image of the user’s screen and stores user actions in the form of deltas — changes between the master image and a new screen capture. This way, recordings don’t take a lot of drive space.

Extra benefits of Ekran System’s screen recording and playback

Ekran System is much more than a user session recording software. It’s an insider risk management platform that provides you with all the means to detect, deter, and disrupt insider threats.

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