Comprehensive User Session Recording Software


Recording user sessions is a must in order to monitor user activity and protect against cybersecurity threats. It's also a requirement for compliance with NIST SP 800-53, PCI DSS, HIPAA, and other security standards and laws. To make recording not only compliant but also efficient, you need a tool to record user sessions that:


  • Is easy to configure and use
  • Records as much data as possible
  • Uses disk space efficiently


With Ekran System, you get a user session recording tool that complies with key cybersecurity requirements, meets all three of the criteria listed above, and records endpoint activity for users of any privilege level, at any location, and in any role.



Benefit from thorough session recording


Using Ekran System as comprehensive sessions recording software, you can streamline most cybersecurity activities in your organization:

  • Review suspicious activity
  • Conduct internal and external audits
  • Collect evidence for forensic activities in case of a security incident
  • And more

Furthermore, using Ekran System as software for recording user sessions is beneficial for the whole organization:

Key benefits of using session recording software


Record and review sessions in a couple of clicks


With Ekran System, you can easily capture the user activity on any protected endpoint, whether it’s inside or outside your protected perimeter. The operating system used also isn’t important, since our comprehensive sessions recording tool supports a wide list of platforms.


You’ll get context-rich recordings of all activity on a user’s screen, coupled with useful metadata:

  • Keystrokes and clipboard data
  • Executed commands and applications
  • Opened files and folders
  • Opened URLs
  • Attached USB devices
  • And more

Reviewing these records is simple thanks to a built-in YouTube-like video player. You can search for a particular event by any piece of metadata, type of user action, or triggered alert. Here’s what this process looks like in the Ekran System management tool:



Record sessions without interruptions


Tech-savvy users may try to disable or trick a user session recording solution if they need to do something against the rules. The Ekran System Client is protected from such tampering.


Our software works at the driver level, which makes it impossible for a user to kill the program. The Ekran System Client also has a built-in watchdog mechanism to prevent any meddling with the recording process.


Even if an endpoint loses its internet connection, Ekran System keeps recording user activity and saves data locally in a protected format. Upon the next connection, the software synchronizes data with the server.

Ekran System session recording


Store recorded data conveniently


For large organizations, allocating enough disk space for recording databases can be a challenge, especially since cybersecurity regulations demand storing session records for at least a year.


Many session recording solutions store their data in the form of plain screenshots or videos that take up too much space. In contrast, Ekran System employs a data compression algorithm to compose a lightweight recording database.


Our solution creates a master image of the user’s screen and stores user actions in the form of deltas — changes between the master image and a new screen capture. This way, recordings don’t take a lot of drive space.


You can also configure Ekran System to record only specific users, applications, and events instead of recording full user sessions of everyone in your organization.


Extra benefits of Ekran System's screen recording and playback


Ekran System is much more than a user session recording software. It’s an insider risk management platform that provides you with all the means to detect, deter, and disrupt insider threats.

Ekran System for insider risk management

Data protection and compliance

Data protection and compliance. Ekran System provides you with all the instruments to establish a high level of protection for your critical data and demonstrate compliance with key IT security requirements.


Enhanced auditing and reporting

Enhanced auditing and reporting. With a robust recording database, Ekran System is perfect software for conducting swift user activity audits. Our solution also can generate a vast variety of scheduled and ad hoc reports on any event in your infrastructure.


Flexible licensing

Flexible licensing. Ekran System offers a flexible and transparent licensing model with no hidden fees. And with floating endpoint licensing, you get even more freedom in managing your monitored endpoints.



Enterprise-friendly. With high availability, multi-tenancy, and integration with popular SIEM and ticketing systems, our platform is easy to implement even in large organizations that need to monitor thousands of endpoints.


Easy deployment

Easy deployment. You don’t need to change your infrastructure or server configurations to deploy Ekran System. In case you run into any troubles during deployment, you can check the knowledge base or get assistance from our support team.